About Me

My venture into photography first started with polaroid’s and the first generation of Sony digital cameras. I loved every frame I took and was just fascinated at the simplest things such as landscapes, city architecture, or the out of focus parts of a photo. Growing up in the 90s helped me appreciate the simple things in life without the distractions of social media and the World Wide Web. I loved being able to look back at photos to reminisce on the fun memories and emotions captured in the images.

So how does this relate to my photography? I feel even though I give myself the title ‘photographer’ I consider myself more a ‘storyteller’ with an end goal to piece together a story through a series of frames. I consider my style to be “rustic” and “old-fashion”. I’ve also been told my images resemble a “vintage” look as well.

I am a strong believer of giving couples the best experience during a shoot without the stress of forcing uncomfortable poses, as it will show in the final product! A photographer should not interfere with the most important moment of a couple’s life, but more so is part of that experience. More than anything I am a photographer who has a passion for capturing moments, which will give, couples a lifetime of memories to share with future generations; and hopefully bring some smiles as well!

-Mike Yoon