Fred & Angelica Engagement

I find myself going through sets I’ve shot in my past to make sure I keep my work consistent and portray a simple theme across a variety of different environments. It’s rare for me to want to go back to the same locations I’ve been to as I am always actively engaging to pursue new look’s and something different while maintaining the same natural elements. Having said that, this shoot was definitely a memorable one as I spent a good amount of time piecing together images to create a set which coincided with the season that comes rarely in Southern California. I can’t wait to be a part of their wedding in Feb, counting down till then! Fred&Angelica 2.6.16~

IMG_9555 IMG_9567 IMG_9543 IMG_9599-2 IMG_9613 IMG_9622 IMG_9653 IMG_9674 IMG_9706-2 IMG_9719 IMG_9749-2 IMG_9764 IMG_9793 IMG_9796 IMG_9806 IMG_9816 IMG_9825 IMG_9836 IMG_9846 IMG_9882 IMG_9902 IMG_9943 IMG_9951 IMG_9960 IMG_9968 IMG_9976 IMG_9982 IMG_9995 IMG_9973 IMG_0013 IMG_0002 IMG_0019 IMG_0051 IMG_0067 IMG_0064 IMG_0077 IMG_0120-2 IMG_0123 IMG_0133-2 IMG_0161 IMG_0174 IMG_0194 IMG_0218 IMG_0263 IMG_0277 IMG_0223