Ben & Crystal WEDDING

The thing I love most about taking photographs are simply put, the smiles and the process which leads up to the big day of emotion, laughter, and love. I met Ben & Crystal earlier this year and from the moment we began working together and collaborating ideas, I knew how I wanted that process to look and very happy I got the chance to work with these two. By far the most amazing venue I’ve shot at, I hope the best for you two and congratulations again!:) Ben&Crystal 10.24.15~

IMG_0009 IMG_0036 IMG_0043 IMG_0076 IMG_0066 IMG_0114 IMG_0118 IMG_0137 IMG_0153-2 IMG_0145 IMG_0120 IMG_0184 IMG_0235-2 IMG_0193 IMG_0227 IMG_0251-2 IMG_0288 IMG_0281-2 IMG-0519 IMG_0294-2 IMG-0525 IMG_0330-2 IMG_0307-2 IMG_0346-2 IMG_0380-2 IMG_0386-2 IMG_0409-2 IMG_0475-2 IMG_0531-2 IMG-0590 IMG_0564-2 IMG_0487-2 IMG_0502-2 IMG_0596-2 IMG_0632-2 IMG_0652-2
IMG_0243-3 IMG_0871 IMG_0885 IMG_0888 IMG_0305 IMG_0303 IMG_0315 IMG_0276 IMG_0282 IMG_0270 IMG_0266 IMG-0816 IMG-0832 IMG-0837 IMG_0372 IMG-0882 IMG_0353 IMG_0941 IMG_0947 IMG_0406 IMG_0415 IMG_0426 IMG-3-13IMG_1046IMG_1009IMG_1043IMG_1021IMG-0934IMG_1066IMG_1058IMG_1086IMG_1093IMG_1015IMG_1060IMG_1083IMG_1112IMG_1103IMG_1124-2IMG_1134IMG_0661-2IMG_0248IMG_0896IMG-2-8IMG-2-6IMG-209IMG_0528IMG_0535IMG_0539IMG_0546IMG_0560IMG_0565IMG_1150IMG_1172IMG_1147IMG-2-10IMG-1049IMG-1056-2IMG-1069 IMG-1072 IMG-1088 IMG_1143 IMG_0595 IMG-1107 IMG_1275 IMG-1125 IMG-1130 IMG_0611 IMG_1268 IMG_0646 IMG-2-15IMG_0628 IMG_0632 IMG_1332 IMG_1335 IMG_1340 IMG_0659 IMG_0663 IMG_1367 IMG_1405 IMG_0720 IMG_1381 IMG_0721