Jon & Esther WEDDING

I had the pleasure of documenting Jon&Esther’s big wedding day a few weekends ago and had a blast. Everything from precious vows and tears of happiness, their wedding day was truly beautiful from start to finish! Congratulations again you two~!! j&e 5.16.15..

IMG_7096 IMG_7087 IMG_7089-Edit DSCF7964 IMG_7111 IMG_7104 IMG_7120 IMG_7127 IMG_7135 IMG_7139 DSCF7974 IMG_7148 IMG_7155 IMG_7173 IMG_7180 DSCF7989 DSCF7998 DSCF8001 IMG_7215 IMG_7201 IMG_7217 IMG_7202 DSCF8028 DSCF8038 IMG_7246 IMG_7222 IMG_7266 IMG_7291 IMG_6832 IMG_6840 IMG_6829-2 IMG_6857 IMG_6864 IMG_6883 IMG_6890 IMG_6898 IMG_7027 IMG_7037 IMG_7046 IMG_6912 IMG_6915 IMG_6943 IMG_6963-2 IMG_6959-2 IMG_6953 IMG_6982 DSCF7899 DSCF7910 DSCF7903 IMG_6999 IMG_7328 IMG_7314 IMG_7318 IMG_7324 IMG_7322 IMG_7355 IMG_7360 IMG_7368 IMG_7377 IMG_7389 DSCF8136 IMG_7406 IMG_7420 IMG_7429 IMG_7445 IMG_7522 IMG_7510-2IMG_7317 DSCF8166 DSCF8182 IMG_7593 IMG_7599 IMG_7621 IMG_7641 IMG_7666 IMG_7672 IMG_7678 IMG_7692 DSCF8288-2 IMG_7711 IMG_7733