Jonasan & Sinae ENGAGEMENT

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with this beautiful couple the past weekend. As a hobbyist photographer herself actually posing for pictures proved to be a very interesting experience for her and Jonasan! Nonetheless, after a few minutes of uneasiness in front of the camera they both warmed up for this lovely set. Valentines day wedding coming soon! 2.14.15!!

IMG_6010 IMG_DIPTYCH IMG_5975 IMG_5990 IMG_5993 IMG_5996 IMG_6016 IMG_6040 IMG_6054 IMG_6100 IMG_DIPTYCH1 IMG_6119 IMG_6146 IMG_DIPTYCH2 IMG_6140 IMG_6158 IMG_6148 IMG_6172 IMG_DIPTYCH3 IMG_6182 IMG_6199 IMG_DIPTYCH4 IMG_6206 IMG_6236 IMG_6243 IMG_DIPTYCH5 IMG_6273 IMG_6292 IMG_6308 IMG_6316 IMG_6324 IMG_6329 IMG_6335 IMG_6341 IMG_6367 IMG_6382 IMG_DIPTYCH7 IMG_6400 IMG_6413-2 IMG_6421 IMG_6422 IMG_6228